Saturday, January 21, 2012

Super Bowl Idea

   I'm back ladies, and I'm ready to tell you what I have been up to! In the last month and a half I have really been pushing myself to build up my team, and our production, so that we can become our own Unit in our company. We are getting so close to our goals so that's where my focus has been. I wanted to share with you a really cute Super Bowl idea that I received from my upline manager, Leslie.
     Many of you probably have, or go to, a coed/couples Super Bowl party. Turn this into an opportunity for you business, while you're still having fun! In a room away from your actually party, and TV, set up a super cute display of your products set up with a Valentines theme. During the game, let the wives/girlfriends check out your display and let them really take a look at your items. While they're looking at the display and catalog, have them write down their Top 10 Wishlist. Then, during halftime, have the husbands meet with you without their wives. Explain the wishlist to them and tell them that if they want to pick out some items from the wish list (or even just a dollar amount) you will have it wrapped and ready for them on Valentines day! How cute is this idea?!
     Now remember, the Super Bowl this year is on February 5th so this only leaves about a week for you to get the products, wrap them, and deliver them to the men before Valentine's Day. If your company ships fast, this may not be an issue but definitely consider the timing before you decide to host one of these events. Stay tuned tomorrow for another adorable Valentine's Day idea!