Friday, September 30, 2011

Have a theme!

     Happy Friday everyone! I can't believe it's the last day of September! I'm pretty excited though because October is my favorite month of the year! I am booked solid in October so I'm hoping to meet some pretty big goals next month.
    I have recently been getting very excited by the idea of theme parties. I have been brainstorming on how to make theme parties a big hit. Have you ever held a them party (for your business)? Theme parties can be a great booking tool since they make fun and interesting parties. People love a fun theme and may even be more likely to attend if there's a fun theme to intrigue them. I would suggest choosing a handful of themes that you like and that would be fairly easy for you to implement into your business.I think I'm going to make a theme menu soon for new hostesses to choose from, if they want a theme.
   It's important to remember that if you're going to do theme parties you need to really do them. Make it worth you while by paying attention to details, including invitations, prizes, costumes, and games. You want your guests to have a lot of fun with the theme and be impressed by all of the little details. That's why I suggest choosing only a few themes to offer. You want those themes to be fantastic, not mediocre, otherwise stay away from theme parties.
   Some popular them ideas are:
  • 80's Parties
  • Nightie Night (everyone brings a nightie from home; it's like a girls night out type theme.)
  • Holiday Themes
  • 20's Parties
  • Movie Parties (Choose a popular movie and have the guests dress up like their favorite characters.)
  Those are just a few ideas. I'm still working on some theme ideas that I will share with you soon. Please feel free to share your own theme party ideas! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't be a lion...

           In the animal kingdom, most animals can sense a predator. They can feel the fear and the change in the environment when a predator is near. Have you ever felt like the prey? Maybe you were on a car lot just browsing, or maybe you were in a department store near the perfumes, but I'm sure you've had that feeling before. Sometimes people associate that feeling with the direct sales industry and that can be a problem for you especially if you're new. There are businesswomen out there that are so pushy and aggressive that they are true predators, and they give the rest of the industry, or company, a bad rep. You have probably encountered those people, and lets face it, it can be scary. You will even notice that your new prospects may be hesitant to be in contact with you because they have once been the prey. So, what do you do when you find yourself in front of a person who had once been the prey?
         For starters, don't be a predator, and don't be defensive. I know what it's like when you encounter someone who thinks your whole business is a scam. It's a horrible feeling. I know that you want to be defensive, after all this is your business and your dreams. This is where you really have to control your emotions, and it's going to be tough. Try your very best not to get defensive, angry, or hostile (and if you know me, you know that controlling my anger is very difficult). If their really stirred up about it then you have to accept that you probably wont change their mind. Here's something I would suggest to say:
  "I'm sorry that you, or someone you care about, has had such a bad experience with the direct sales industry, but this business supports my family and my dreams, so I would appreciate some discretion." 
        Obviously you need to tweek that to your own personality and circumstances. When you get defensive, they will become even more offensive and nothing will get done. Don't let them steal your good attitude about your business! This industry really works and there are thousands upon thousands of people that can prove it. If your like me, these comments will irritate for days but keep going. Prove them wrong yourself. Remember, that they were once someone's prey; they might have lost time, money, or more in the wrong business. Don't let them steal your thunder! You really can have it all, and I feel sorry for those that sabotage their own chances.

Hows business going in September for everyone? What kinds of content would you like to see in October?

My readers ROCK!! :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Listen to the "Failures"!

           Sometimes, in the direct sales business, you will notice that some of the most successful people begin to sound like broken records: book, sell, book, recruit, etc. Let me tell you, they don't sound like that for their own good! When you're listening to the tips and ideas from someone that you admire, you might take notes, maybe even record their speech, but what do you do with all of that information when you get home? That's where things really count! You can spend all of the money in the world on cd's, coaching sessions, seminars, and conferences, but if you get home and just sit on it, it all is worthless. The message that I'm trying to send here is that these people that you admire have been where you are right now. So if they tell you to network, you'd better network! If they tell you that it's a numbers game and that everyone will have cancellations, you should believe them and keep going! The tips and ideas from the successful people in your field should be treated as direct orders (that's for all you military wives!) because they have failed more than anyone, and they know the road to success. All of this might sound cheesy or even a little bossy, but I just want to encourage you to get your money's worth from the training and inspirational purchases you make! You should copy your role models. I don't mean be a clone, I just mean copy their business plan because it works!
     And you should have a business role model! I have a few different ones and I really listen to what they say, because I want the success that they have.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Booths 101

        I am SO excited! I am running an event on Black Friday that's just for shopping! Home based/direct sales businesses get to set up their own booth and people from all over come to do their holiday shopping with real businesses. So, while I am planning this fantastic event, I wanted to take a moment to talk about fairs and festivals. If you've never participated in one of these events you are missing out on some great networking opportunities. Setting up a booth at a fair or a festival can open new doors for your business, and it can be fun!
   When you set up your booth or table, you want to make your product display sensational. The idea is to really attract people and to stand out among the crowd. Make sure that your company name can be easily seen and that everything on your table is properly labeled. I recommend that you dress in a business casual sort of way because it makes you both professional and approachable. Some companies actually have specific guidelines as to how to dress for a fair. Remember, no matter what, that your booth and personal image will be a direct reflection of the company you represent.
      To bring in leads from your booth, you will want to have a drawing. You can give away products, gift cards, and even gift cards to places like Starbucks (unless of course you sell coffee). You want to have a poster that shows what's being given away. Have hundreds of drawing entry slips and dozens of cheap pens on hand for people to fill out, and also a cute box for the drawing slips. The drawing slips should get the following information:
-Do they have a consultant/representative that they currently buy from?
-Are you interested in earning money, earning free products,or just having a girls night?
-Get their name, email, phone number, and zip code ( I dask for the zip code because it's quicker for them, to write than the whole address  but it still lets you know where about they live, in case they live out of town.)

These slips are your new leads! You can use a similar method as the working women week method to track and call your new leads. Don't forget as you make great connections, to make little notes about who you talked to and who had a lot of interest in your product or company.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Do it anyway!

     Do you have a goal poster, or a dream board? All of the successful people in the direct sales industry, and business in general, agree that to make your dreams come true you first have to visualize them. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have one...yet. I know how important it is to really see your dreams and how it can really clarify your focus to see it on paper. So I want to encourage everyone to put their dreams down on paper. Why wait until it's too late? Find some quiet time to sit down and really think about what you want out of your business and out of life. Set a date with yourself if you have to because it's that important to clarify your focus. Once you're able to truly visualize your dreams and goals, you will be able to have that laser focus you need to push through some of the tougher parts of life. Because that's all that separates us from the ones who are already living the dream, it's the laser focus that they have to overcome their obstacles. That's the only difference. When it gets tough or uncomfortable for them they look to their dreams and ultimate goals, and they do it anyway. Look up that song by Marina McBride called "Do It Anyway" and really listen to the lyrics. So make that cheesy goal poster, clarify your dreams, and then shout them from the rooftops! Because how will anyone else know that you made it if they didn't even know your goal?

Give me an update on your 30 in 30 challenge! I'm almost done with just 5 people left to see!! How is your business going in September? Stay tuned for some exciting giveaways in the next few days!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Did you ever have a day when you felt overwhelmingly blessed? I did today, well this whole weekend, and I am so grateful for the blessings in my life. I'm going to try harder to remember how blessed I am when I'm going through a rough patch. I am thankful for my wonderful family, that my husband has a steady job, that I have my own business, that it's fall, and for the cheese I bought today. I LOVE LIFE!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Master your close

      Earlier in my blog, I wrote about mastering the basics of your business. We talked about memorizing your show from start to finish, and to really understand the processes of your business. Now, I want to write a little bit about how important your show close is. Never underestimate the power of a great close, it has the ability to transform a show from mediocre to outstanding. And, with your business, you always want to be outstanding. You always want to set yourself apart from others as a professional and expert in your business.
     Make sure your close includes the mention of your second appointment (if you are a 2 appointment business), and the impending one-on-one consultation that's about to take place (don't use the word 'impending' in your presentation though; it sounds scary). Explain that you would love to get their opinion of your products and presentation, so you will be meeting with them one at a time. If your company is offering specials, or sales, I would mention them again during the close portion of your presentation. The close is also a good time to tell them that they can get some of their most desired items for free, or discounted, by being a hostess. Make sure you are gracious to your hostess and her guests during the close, and thank them for giving you their time. You want to end by leading them to eat the refreshments and them taking the first guest aside for their individual close. I usually say something like this:
     "Lisa has put out some wonderful refreshments for us tonight so grab something to eat and I'll start meeting with you individually. Does anyone have to leave soon?"
By adding the question on the end, I can determine who to meet with first and get the chain going.
          So, write down and practice your show close. It can be a tricky area if you're new to business so get some opinions on your specific close. Memorize your close! It's essential for any serious businesswoman!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting your family on board...

     One of the biggest challenges that I have seen in this industry is the conflict with skeptical family members. Maybe it's your husband, or maybe it's your parents, but if someone important in you life is not on board with your direct sales business, it could become an uphill battle. I have heard many stories about husbands who just plain won't allow their wife to have a business. Many times the wife feels that dream within her heart but her husband keeps putting it down. People are not trying to be mean or cruel towards your dream, they simply don't understand the possibilities that can be achieved with a direct sales business. For an outsider, it can be hard to understand the potential and the security that can be provided with a business like this. Maybe you were a skeptic at one point in time, and now you're loving your party plan lifestyle. To most people, the direct selling industry can be a scary place. People assume that one bad experience covers all of the companies. It's your job to explain to your family the potential earnings from your business.
     A skeptic wants to see facts and proof to change their mind. You want to sit down with your family with actual facts in hand to show them how the business works. Get literature from your company about building a business and show your skeptic what is possible. Try not to be defensive. Come at this from a standpoint of information not force to change their mind. It's possible that a simple talk won't be enough for them, in which case I recommend bringing in someone who has already gotten to where you want to go. Talk to your recruiter or manager about how they handle the situation. And, most of all, show your family the fruits of your labor when you have a great show, or day, share it with them. Let your family take part in your successes and soon they will be cheering you on. Check out some more tips on family in the Build it Big series of books!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thousand Dollar Days!

          Ok, so I'm loving this idea of having a one thousand dollar day! If your sales are slowing, or your trying to meet a goal deadline, this idea could be a lifesaver! Choose a specific and well planned day to be your Thousand Dollar Day, it should be a day that will help you reach your goal. Then create a fabulous email that you will send to all of your customers and contacts in your database and email list. In the email, you want to explain your goal and contest to have a $1000 Day and that you need their help. You might want to give a discount, or a gift with purchase, to anyone who orders on your $1000 Day. You can also offer to have a drawing for a customer to get their entire order free, only available to those who order on that day. Let them know that for every $100 they spend (or another amount; you make the rules) they get an additional name in that drawing.
      Basically, you want to make sure that there's something in it for them, a good incentive for them to buy products on that particular day. Send out your email around 6:00am so that people can get the email as they're waking up on that day. Post your offer and your goal on Facebook to let your customers know you're serious about this $1000 Day. Later that evening, you may want to call some of your loyal customers to remind them of the incentive and take their order. Keep working until you reach that $1000! I obviously can't guarantee that you will reach $1000, maybe you'll do more, but working toward that specific goal can boost your confidence and get the orders rolling in. It could also be the extra push you need to finish up a sales goal and earn a prize. You won't know until you try!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some thoughts on consistency...

     Consistency: everyone knows that consistency is key when building any kind of business, but I want to talk about consistency with your team. Once you have been "walking the talk" for a while, and you start to build your team, you're going to want to start training them yourself. Talk to your upline for tips on how they train their new team member, but you also want to pave your own way. Be consistent from person to person as to how much time you spend on them. Offer the same amount to everyone and you will soon see who is serious about their business. These are the people you want to spend the most quality time in training. Be consistent in training those who want to be trained. Don't skip or skim over the information with your team member, let the know everything and be honest with them.
    Another area of your business you want to be consistent is with your schedule. For example, I do my shows at 7:00pm on weeknights because people have eaten dinner and most spouses are home from work. I am very consistent with this time because I know that it works. You need to be the same with your schedule. Take notice in what shows went great and which ones weren't your best, could it be the time or date that made that difference? I also am pretty consistent about scheduling things around or near paydays. Paydays usually mean a better night for everyone. So take notice of your schedule and try to be consistent with it so your family knows when you are working.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Business Ideas

   I wanted to share some quick ideas for increasing business on or around Halloween (my favorite holiday)! My upline sent me an email this week with a super cute trick or treating idea. Pop up some popcorn and put them in little baggies, then you attach a cute card with your information that also says, ' Thanks for "Popping" in, Here's a treat for mom...' then add some specials and incentives for them to give you a call.
   Some sales ideas could be:
$10 off your first order
$20 off if you're interested in hosting a show
Special gift for calling by November 7th

   Also, be sure to take advantage of all of the autumn and Halloween festivals going on! Churches, schools, and even parks will be having all kinds of events this time of year. Make sure that you do some research about events in your area so you can possibly set up a booth and get some fabulous new leads. Sometimes festival booths can be expensive, so find out as much information about the event as you can to make sure it's worth the investment.
  Another idea might be to set up a small display with catalogs on trick-or-treating night so that moms can take a quick glance at your business! You could even treat it as a mini-booth and do a prize drawing, gathering leads as you pass out candy. Just don't get too distracted the kiddies want their goodies! I might even put business labels on the candy to catch the eyes of hungry mommies!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Find Your Fit!

       Another direct selling friend and I were talking yesterday and we began to talk about a certain secret to success. We discussed how this business works if you are in the right company for you. Let me start by saying that I have had experience with several different direct selling companies over the last 7 years or so. I am now getting the kind of business and success that I wanted because I have found the right business for me. I'm not talking about loving the one your with here, I'm talking about finding the perfect fit for you. For example, a business selling a consumable product doesn't work for me because I'm a hoarder, and I embezzle myself in an effort to "stock up" on my favorites. I have been with these types of companies in the past and I did just that, and ultimately failed in my business. You can Book, Sell, Book, Recruit all week long and not make a thing if you are embezzling your own business!
   It's kind of like finding a man. You date around and maybe even seriously date people who are just not the right fit for you. Maybe you really love them but they're kind of bad for you, and even though it hurts, you might have to break it off with them. When you finally find The One you think, 'wow, so this is what it's supposed to be like'!
       So, where am I going with this? If you're really frustrated in your business and your doing all the work, maybe take a step back and see if you're in the right one. Okay okay, I know that's a scary thought, especially if you have already put in time and money, but consider the fact that a small business owner may have to try several things to get the success results they want. A direct sales business is no different. You may have to take a long look at the actual company you're in, and decide if its the right place for you.
Here are some questions to ask yourself:
Do I really love the product or do I find my eyes wandering to other similar products?
Do I find myself buying just as much (if not more) as I sell?
Am I doing all of the work and still not seeing satisfactory results?
How long did it take to pay back my initial investment?
After all of my time and effort, am I still stuck in a rut?
Do I find people giving me negative responses when I talk about my business?

Really look at the numbers and make sure you know you've found the right place! I'm glad that I did!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomorrow starts Your Best Self!

Hi Readers! Don't forget that tomorrow starts the Your Best Self program on the Allison LaMarr website! Make sure you find a power partner and let your team know so they can acheive their best self. This program aims to help you get rid of 3 bad habits and add 3 good ones in a 9 week time period. I'm so excited as I will be working to become a morning person, and improve my health. If you feel comfortable, let me know which habits you plan to kick or add during the program. I am so pumped up about this!

Here's the website for more information:

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hi All! I wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going with my Super September! I have been focusing a lot on volunteering and getting involved in my community, which has led me to meet a lot of great people! I'm getting excited about an upcoming business even that I am chairing and I'll have more details soon. So far, to continue with self improvement, I've been reading a book called Change Anything. I'm not too far into it but I'm very excited to see where it leads. Last night I added 6 people to my 30 in 30 list which brings my total to 16 so far with 5 bookings! I am so pumped!! Where is everyone with their 30 in 30 Challenge? Do you need help with any one area? I'm looking forward to this busy weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Gotta love it!

        I tell you what, I really love owning my own business. There are days when it really hits me that the majority of women, around the world, won't have a chance like this. Not just my direct sales business, but just expressing myself on this blog, is such a privilege. The next time you don't feel like booking, or you don't feel like training, or you are too tired to do one more show, remember the woman who can only dream of that opportunity. Remember, that sharing your product or business opportunity, could change someone's life for the better. If you don't truly believe that it's true, then you are in the wrong business. You need to believe, wholeheartedly, in both your product and your business opportunity. If you don't love it, why would someone else want to buy it from you? As I packed for an incredible show tonight, I thought 'wow, this is my job'. This is how I earn my money and I want to do it with integrity. I want my business to be the epitome of excellence because I believe in it. I really do. Do you? Do you get excited at the thought of sharing this business with others? OR do you consider it a burden? It all comes down to this: you gotta love it to be successful. You have to be thankful for the opportunities you have and grateful for that "No" because you at least had the chance to ask.
         When I started this blog, my intentions were to provide tips and stories to inspire women, especially mommies, in this business. I hope I have helped some people get a little closer to their goal. And I will keep writing, because I really really believe in the power this business allows us to have. It's the power to design our own life.

So, please let me know what I can do to encourage you in your business! I want to know what you want to know. If I don't know it, I will research it for you and find out. All you have to do is tell me what you want to read from me!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working Women Week part 2

    I wanted to follow up yesterday's post with some ideas on what to do with your new leads! I'm going to tell you exactly what I did because it worked. First you will need a small spiral notebook and some tape. You want to go through the drawing slips and determine if anyone already has a representative from your company (remember to put that question on the drawing form). Those people with a rep can be separated. You won't be contacting them, because how would you feel if someone did that to you? So, I didn't throw them out, I just filed them away somewhere and kept them for a while, just in case one of them contacted me. Take the remainder of the slips and tape them two to a page in your notebook. By putting them in a notebook it allows you to both keep track of them, and write notes around the slip. I always tried to separate them by their location, which is something I did right when I got back into the car after getting the slips. I put them in baggies labeled with the location so I know who came from where. I would also organize the slips in the binder by location so you know how many winners you want from each place. Next it's time to call them! For that you need a script:
"Hi! Is this Lindsey? Great! I'm Heidi Duncan with XYZ and I just wanted to give you a quick call to let you know that you're one of our winners in the Working Women Week drawing!" Let them respond...

"Great! I bet you're wondering what you won right?" YES!

"Yay! You won a free (facial, private jewelry showing, spa candle session, whatever is your fabulous appointment type, fill it in here) with me and a $25 gift card!" Yay!

"Ok so what would be the best time to get your prize? I still have next Thursday open, would that work for you?"

"So, Lindsey I would love for you to be able to share your experience with some friends, and when you do, it extends the amount on your gift card! Doesn't that sound great?! Do you think you can bring some friends with you on Thursday?"

Then go ahead a close the date and time. I always allowed them to either come to my house or I would come to them, which ever one they preferred. Also, I would get their address over the phone and send them a thank you note that day for booking with me. People are much less likely to cancel on you with a handwritten note in their hand! You can determine the prize and you want to call the people who seem the most interested first, the ones who indicated that they would love a party and so on. Not everyone can win because they will tell their friends and they won't know what to think about you calling everyone. So, just pick a few interested names from each place. When you're making your calls, mark down the date and time that you call them and the result of each call, include the booking date next to their slip in the notebook. By being diligent about the details, you can see how your numbers are looking and which places are more successful than others.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Working Women Week baskets. It's a lot to write down, so I may have missed something. How's your 30 in 30 going? I've seen 10 people so far! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Notes on Networking 2

I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to find some new prospects and clients. I used this method a few years ago when I moved to a new army base and I knew NO ONE. I call it the Working Women Week! This method will require you to spend a little bit of money so be sure to keep track of all your receipts from these purchases.

Here's a list of what you will need:
-Cute Cello Baggies
-Matching ribbon
-Small candies of different kinds
-Your business cards
-Inexpensive product samples (Note: if you sell something that doesn't have samples, like jewelry, you will want to include extra candy and something else cute. I would find the little goody bag rings at a party store.)
-A drawing form ( You need to create some slips that ask for important information, like  their name, email, phone number, zip code. Ask questions on the slip like, are you interested in hosting a party with some friends, are you interested in earning extra money, do you already have a consultant. ) Make sure the slips are small and to the point. You need a lot of these forms.
-Cute basket

Put together you goody bags with your card, some candy, and your sample. After you've made a lot of them put them in the basket with your pens and drawing slips. Now, you want to visit some places in your area like day care centers and salons, where you know a lot of women are working. Take a team member if you're nervous. You want to go in and talk to the first woman you see, here's your script:

" Hi, my name is Heidi, and I'm from XYZ Company. We are honoring working women this week (or month) and I wanted to give y'all some goody bags!! How many women work here?" She will answer and you start to get out the drawing slips and pens.
"We're also doing a drawing for (insert your giveaways; a free pampering session, free candles, gift cards etc.) here are the drawing forms!" Let them pass them out and fill out the forms then give them the goody bags.

And voila! You have some new leads and customers! Places that I visited were: day cares (these are the best), hair salons, tanning salons, restaurants, small stores that didn't carry anything similar to my product.
It's important to go during a time of day that these places are usually busy. I went to day cares around 1:00 to try to catch them during nap time. Be happy, and excited and it will be fun! If you're nervous take a friend with you! Let me know if you try this, and remember your 30 in 30 challenge. I will let you know what to do with all of those new leads in my next post! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Layering your prospects...

Today, I wanted to write a little about layering your prospects. What does that mean, layering your prospects? It basically means to take it a little slow with new prospects and customers. When you meet someone new that you want to do business with you don't want to throw all you have at them. It's easy to get really excited about your business products and opportunities and to want to show your new friend everything! I want to encourage you to layer your people so that they're not overwhelmed or feel that you're being pushy. One way to do this is to make a chart where you can fill in the name of the person and mark off when you've introduced them to different aspects of your business. For an example, one column could be for the first introduction to the product, another for another aspect of the product, a column for hostessing, and one for the business opportunity. After a show/party list all of the people that attended the show and mark the date that they were introduced to your product. As you have other appointments or shows with each person mark it off in that category. This helps you keep track of your customers and their experience with your company! I like to print up several blank charts and keep them in a binder, but you could do this on your computer if you like. A layering chart can also include the dates of your customer interactions so you know when to contact them again.

People can be overwhelmed easily by a direct sales business, which could come off as a little bit pushy. It's important that with most people, you let them fall in love with the product before you introduce them to the opportunity. Some people like to cut to the chase and hear it all, but that is pretty rare, and you'll know it when you have one of those customers. Layering your people can also increase your customer loyalty if you do it right, and your team members will stay longer if they really love the product!

How is your 30 in 30 going? How are you doing on bookings so far?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Septmember 11

No tips today. Go be with your family and love your life. Remember September 11th everyday, and the men and women that sacrifice everything to give you your freedom.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out with old habits...

I am so so excited about a new 9 week program with Allison LaMarr and it's free! It's all about creating your best self and getting rid of some bad habits. She will be guiding us through the process of adding 3 good habits and removing 3 bad habits from your life. The reason I'm so excited is because I am desperate to become a morning person. My husband is a early morning guy and I know the benefits of getting up to get things done, especially a workout. I was a morning person most of my life until college, then baby, and now all I want to do sleep in. So this is definitely one of the habits I want to change in the Best Self program. I'm also going to be focusing on my eating habits, so it will be a very challenging 9 weeks. I'm hoping some of you would like to do it with me so we can update and discuss it here! It starts on Monday, September 19th and I am super excited to become a healthy, morning person. I will post a link to the Allison LaMarr website below, all the info you need is on her home page, but look around because the communittee is amazing too. If you decide to join up with me, let me know by posting below! Looking forward to some changes!

Friday, September 9, 2011

30 in 30

     Are you new in your business, or stuck in a rut? I have heard from many of you that you need that extra "push" to get your business really rolling. I want to help you....with another challenge! I think this challenge will help you reach your goal of 10 bookings in one week and bring you lots of new business! So what's the challenge? I want you to get the opinions of 30 people, in the next 30 days, about your product. This is not a new concept, and I did not come up with it myself, but it works GREAT. How much easier would it be to ask a new friend for their opinion instead of their money? You can do this on the go too! When you meet a new person, lets say in the grocery checkout line (people are always asking me about my 12 pound coupon binder; it's an awesome conversation starter and saves me tons), you meet a girl who's sharp and you want to give her your business card, so go for it!

You could use a script that sounds something like this:
" Thanks for being so helpful with me today! Listen, I just started a business with XYZ, and I have to get the opinions of some smart women, on our product (you can be more specific here; on our jewelry, candles, skin care, you get the point). Would you be willing to give me your opinion?" When they say yes, you take down their name, phone, and email, and thank them again for being so nice.

When you call your new friend you can say something like this:
"Hi is this So-and-so? Hi, So-and-so! This is Heidi with XYZ, we met at the grocery store on Tuesday, I was just calling to find out when would be good for you give me your opinion of the product (I would use another wording here, according to your product: time for your free facial, private jewelry showing, spa candle time etc)?" When your new friend has given you a time and place, you then tell them how much free stuff they can get by inviting some friends to come give their opinion too. And Voila! You have a booking from the grocery store!

Remember to get people's opinions! They want to feel important and you already know that they'll love whatever product you're selling. This is a great way to meet new clients and introduce people to a new product. If you're not new, the 30 in 30 can still work wonders for you. Focus on a new catalog or a specific product in your product line, then write down some quotes from the opinions your receive for you client newsletter! Call some people you haven't spoken with in a while and explain that you have to have these opinions. Ask them, who do you know that is sharp and would give me their opinion of these products? Give out referral gifts to clients who give you new leads. Be generous with your gifts and they'll be generous with their friends!

So, now there are 2 challenges out there for you to try. For people who complete them on time, I will find a special giveaway! BUT you have to let me know you're accepting the challenge by commenting below! Your first day of the 30 days starts with your first opinion. If you're having trouble, let me know what kind of info would help you along! I'm taking this challenge too! So, lets do it together!! :)

PS: Just think about how this could keep you going right into the holiday season! This could be your best year ever!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you Fake It??

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Fake it 'till you make it'? If you've been in the business world more than 30 seconds you probably have, but how often do you really fake it? (OK it's not that kind of blog, get your head out of the gutter!!)

It's super important in this industry to find and follow a mentor, or roll model. They have to be someone who has really been where you've been and succeed despite some setbacks. The don't necessarily have to be associated with your specific company, but that might help. So once you've found a roll model for your business, that's when you start the "faking it". You want to model your business practices after their business practices and act as if you've already made it to the top. When you act like you've been at the top, you will know how to act when you get there. You will also attract the kind of success that you want by acting like the successful person you want to be.

When you make your booking calls, are you confident and professional, as if you're the top in your business? Are you doing your shows/parties in a professional, but fun way, as if you don't even need the sales? Act like you're already driving that dream car! Act like you're going on that trip to Hawaii! And, while you're doing all this incredible acting, work toward that dream with the vigor of the desparate. Be the duck on the water; calm on top of the water, fast feet under the water. By doing this you will attract people to you and not scare them off. Focus on the fun, not the dollar signs...because people can see dollar signs in your eyes. So act like you don't need the dollar signs and they will come to you anyway!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Booking Blitzes and a Contest!

Here's a pretty popular idea on getting some bookings: a booking blitz. If you've never heard of this before, let me enlighten you! A Booking Blitz is basically a set period of time, with a booking goal in mind, to sit down and get all of those bookings. A lot of people choose to do it with their team or even a power partner. The key here is to make it into a contest. Women love to help women in a contest, and it's motivation for you to get those bookings you need. If there are no contests in your team or company, create your own! Another tip for your booking blitz is to do it at a time when people are usually home, like a Tuesday night at 7:00pm. Block out a period of time, lock yourself in with your List, schedule, and the phone, and book away. Make sure you create a special script for the blitz that includes the contest and what's-in-it-for-them. Give your prospect options, like "I still have some Thursdays and Sundays open, what works best for you?". This narrows in their thoughts on specific dates, because we all get busy. So, if you've never tried this, you absolutely must! Having a contest gives you an extra shot of confidence and motivation to get on the phone! Do you need a contest? Ok, here's a big one: You have one week to get 10 bookings on your calendar for September and October (Combined). If you decide you want to take on this challenge, please comment below so we can motivate each other! Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Notes on Networking 1

Notes on Networking is my new series all about networking for your business in real life. I know that networking and finding new prospects can be one of the most difficult parts of owning your own business, especially if you're shy. That's why each week I want to devote at least one blog post to finding your new clients!

If your list is running low on contacts you might consider networking with other people in direct sales (outside of your company). A new friend taught me about a great idea for a brand new booking, it's called a Party Swap. Basically you find another woman in a very different direct sales business and swap parties. She hosts a party for you, and you do the same for her. This is a great way to meet new people and get a show/party on your books pretty quickly. I'm actually doing a party swap this month! The only snag with the party swap is that you can only do this every once in a while, because you don't want to continuously invite your friends and family to party after party, soon your party attendance would suffer.

Another idea for networking with other businesswomen is to start a "face book", and I don't mean the social networking site. Now, this idea is really for those of you with a make-up/skincare based business (i.e. Arbonne, Mary Kay, Avon, etc) because you will create a makeover binder. The idea here is to contact local businesswomen to invite them to be in your Professional Face Book. What's in it for them? They will not only get a free makeover but also provide business cards to put with their picture in this professional book. You will take this book with you to all of your appointments to show off your skills, but also the business ladies get some free advertising in your book. You can get a professional makeover portfolio on ebay or You can look up businesswomen in your area and explain that you're creating a women in business portfolio and would love to have someone from XYZ Company in your book. Do NOT have more than one makeover per company or else they will be competing in your book. Do a before and after photo and put it in the portfolio with their business information.

One last idea is to create a Shop 'Til You Drop event in your area. This is something I am doing on the base that I live at. You would find a place and time and invite several different types of business to join you. They set up their own booth, as do you, and they also invite their own customers and hostesses to this event. It's like a small festival! Have drawings and meet new people, this could catapult your business. (More on setting up booths soon.)

So there are some ideas for this week. Stay tuned for some hot books to help your business...

Monday, September 5, 2011

It's not a great picture but it's the first proof that fall has arrived for me!! It was cold and rainy today - perfect for decorating for fall. I also spent the day relaxing and grocery shopping, so overall it was very productive. Looking forward to this week for some exiting new things to come! I will soon be reviewing some products and programs that are meant to get your business off the ground. I will also be posting some tips on networking for your business and for integrating your kids into your work! So, stay tuned and please let me know if there are some topics you'd like to see covered! Now to light another pumpkin spice candle...

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi everyone! I hope you're all enjoying the Labor Day weekend! Here in Germany the weather has been pretty nice and I have been loving the relaxing time with my family. I have been cleaning and couponing today to get ready for the new week. Also, I have declared Labor Day the first day of fall for me so I will be decorating all day tomorrow! I'm so excited! :) Pictures to come! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fabulous Fantastic FALL!!

I have been distracted all day long. I can't focus on anything except how happy I am that it's feeling like fall to me!! I love fall. I mean, I really really love fall. Football (Go JACKETS!), cool weather, pumpkins, new crayons, beautiful leaves, halloween, pumpkin everything. All I can think about is decorating! I wish I knew of a good website with home decor that will ship to an APO address! Please post below if you can think of some! I will be getting out my dozens of fall candles, wreaths, tablecloths, OMG I'm getting excited just thinking about it! What do you like to do for fall?

As far as my business goes, I'm considering having a back-to-school/fall party to kick off the season. I'm thinking with a cake, prizes, and a special sale to celebrate the season. What do you all think?

Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's September! Well, it's day 2 of September and this is my War Month. I plan on striving for excellence this month in my business, health, personal, and family life. How's it going so far, you may ask? Great except for the fact that I'm still jet lagged, meaning that I wake up at 1100 each day! This is not a good start but I will continue to work on it. In my business, I had a phenomenal show last night that really got my month off to a great start! I played a new ice breakers game with the guests that was really hysterical and, I think, it made them more comfortable with me. As far as my health goes, I have signed up for my Body Pump class and I'm ready a book on mommy fitness. It's called Hot (Sweaty) Mamas and it's really good. It explains a lot of the missing components of getting in shape while being a mommy (like the logistics and what to do with the kids). So I'm loving this book! Another book I'm reading, actually rereading, is the Build it Big series. If you haven't read these books you are not serious about your business! They are incredible.

I'm definitely a book worm so reading is a big part of my renewal process. Next week I intend on getting my act together so I can get up early, exercise, and get some work done. I also have a huge goal next week of getting 5 new bookings on my calendar! So, I'll be tracking my numbers right along with you. What are your goals for the month of September??

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Booking Ideas!!

Today I wanted to list some of my favorite booking ideas to help you get through your prospect list. By booking ideas I mean strategies to help you push past the fear and make those calls. These are ideas that are meant to take the emotion out of the phone calls, so you can get them done. I will, however, provide ideas and scripts for actually getting those bookings in the next few days. But, for now, I just want to focus on the action of making the calls.

It's first important to focus on your numbers. Industry averages suggest that 1 in 5 people you talk to will book. Your numbers may be different, so make sure that you track these as you book. Always track your numbers so you know your personal booking averages. Anyway, using the industry average, lets say you want one solid booking each week, AND we all know about 50% of bookings cancel, you want to aim for 2 booked today. So you need to talk to 10 people. Answering machines don't count. So, here are a few ideas to get you through those 10 or so phone calls:

1.Reward Yourself Now, this one depends on your budget a little, but when I was in the states I would reward myself with a McDonald's iced coffee when I was finished with my list. (This went on to fuel an addiction to iced coffee that continues to this day, but that is another story.) I would find a pretty pen and a pretty piece of paper and make stars next to the people I actually spoke to. You could reward yourself with any number of things. If booking calls are really scary to you and you have to get them done, reward yourself with something bigger that you really really want, like a new lip gloss or a book. This really works, especially if you're reward oriented, like me! ;)

2.Booking Bracelets This is a new one to me and I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how well it works. The idea is to buy many super cute bracelets and wear as many bracelets as number of people to contact. So, in our example, we would wear 10 bracelets on one arm to attract attention. Then you go out and when people ask about the bracelets you say something like this, "I have to talk to 10 people about my business today, have you every heard of xyz (company name)?" And you book them from there. This seems like a good strategy if you're new to an area or if you're getting low on names on your List. If you have tried this, let me know how it works.

3. Put the Pressure On With this strategy you would have your upline advisor or maybe even your husband act as a boss. Tell them what you're trying to get done and have them encourage and pressure you a little. This can work surprisingly well if you're used to years of having a watchful or demanding boss. Pretend the other person is your boss for a little while to add some discipline to get the list done.

Those are the three strategies I have for now. What are your strategies for getting through your bookings? Please share! Now, my husband is harassing me to get to bed so I'd better listen!

Until Tomorrow!