Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hello August...

As the month of July comes to an end, I find myself doing a lot of thinking. For one thing, my little boy turns two in a matter of days. Wow, they weren't joking when they said this time would fly by. I already miss the days of the gummy little mouth and pudgy cheeks. It's amazing how things can change. I have also been thinking of declaring a new New Year for myself... I'm already ready for a fresh start. I want to really get control of my business, family, and personal life and I think the best way for me to do this would be to declare September 1st as my early New Year! So, why not August 1st, which is tomorrow? Frankly, I'm not ready yet. I know myself well enough to know not to start one week before a vacation. So, for August, I'm going to prepare for my new year by reading up on my target areas of improvement. I'm also going to go a little bit easier on myself about some of these same areas...I need a mental break from myself :) Who says you have to wait until January 1st for a do-over? I'm sick of mediocrity...More details to come!

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