Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Booking Games!

     So, in the previous post I mentioned that I had been loving the new booking games I have been implementing into my shows. These games were extremely helpful in getting new bookings for my business. The booking games that I'm going to tell you about are not created by myself. These are ideas that I have seen other consultants do in their businesses. Feel free to use these ideas as I have used theirs. I'm here to help.

        The game that I have been mainly using is the baby purse game. There are several variations of this game that I have seen, but you will definitely need to purchase some "baby purses" (I'll provide the website for these at the bottom of the post). I have around 12 purses and I will probably order some more when I get to our next duty station. Here's how the game works: first you put a little piece of paper in each purse that says one of the following things 1) $5 off your order tonight, 2) $10 off your order tonight, or 3) congratulations the party continues at your house! I also put a piece of chocolate (or candy) in each purse. When I get to the show, I display all of the purses on a tray and when people ask about them I let them know that it's a game we will play later. During the game I pull out the tray and start by saying, " This is a fun game to play especially if you like to gamble a little. You DO NOT have to play if you don't want to. There is no pressure. You absolutely don't have to take a purse if you don't want to." This intrigues them into the game and then I explain,
     "I'm going to pass this tray around and you can each choose a little purse. DO NOT open it until we all open together. Each purse holds two things: a delicious piece of chocolate and a little card that could say one of three things...(Here I explain the three things I listed above). If you get the card that says 'Congratulations the Party Continues at Your House' you get to earn your own hostess perks and see me again! I just ask that if you take a purse and you get this card that you do hold a show with me. This will help out your hostess and you will get even more discounts and free products! So if you get this card you have to yell Woohoo!"
    Then we all open the purses together and the people hosting will yell woohoo! I also mention that if it wasn't so scary to risk getting that card, maybe they would all like to host shows anyway! Some variations I have seen have allowed them to take home the baby purses to keep. At this point, I have been having them return the purses to me. If the hostess has a daughter I allow her to choose a purse for her little girl to keep. The hostess can play this game but if she gets a host-a-show card she must host another one within the next 6 months.
    Sure I've had some of these cancel, but I love filling my books and letting cancellations fall where they may. How you divide up your cards into the purses is up to you. I have about a 50% gift card to 50% hostess card ratio for my purses and I might change it as my business grows. I have had a lot of success with this game but I have more game ideas to come...

 This is the website with great game ideas and where I buy my baby purses:

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