Monday, June 4, 2012

A Changing Wind...

I can't believe I've gone so long without a blog post, especially after promising more to come. The past 3 months have been a true whirlwind in my personal, family, and professional life. I'm now getting ready to move from Germany back to the comforts of the United States of America. I have less than two months left here and even less time with my business supplies. So, as my business winds down here I want to thank the people that have supported my business in any way. I appreciate my team that I have built here while I've been in Germany, and I hope they find the things I have found so far in my business. BUT, I'm not leaving Germany yet so I want to talk about some things that have worked in my business while I've been here:

1.) Booking games- Since the end of February, I have implemented the use of some great booking games during my show. These have absolutely sky-rocketed the number of booking I get at each show.
2.) Networking- Here on a strict military post, we have some serious rules about how we run and advertise for our businesses, so my networking strategies have been adapted for them. I found that networking with other business owners has been the safest, most effective way of business socializing.
3.) Connecting- I feel like I have worked very hard to connect with my customers, hostesses, and team members since we are spread out all over the world. There are some areas that I definitely need improvement in, but making an effort to connect with people makes a huge impact on your business.

There are other strategies that I have used to push my business forward, but I am not immune to setbacks and slumps. April and May proved to be very challenging to my business. I had the most cancellations and no-sales-shows that I have had in my entire direct sales career. There are many factors to blame, but what's important is that I won't give up. And so, I would love to hear how your April and May went! Did you experience a business boom, or a slump? Or did your business stay the same? Let's motivate each other to keep going!

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