Monday, November 14, 2011

Husbands and Your Business

                                                      This is my hero and my husband...

Hello readers! After a week's hiatus, due to illness, I am back with some more thoughts on how to grow your direct sales business. Let's talk about family...
    Getting your family on board with your business can be a challenge, especially if your family members are already skeptics about the industry. But, getting family support, can be the difference between a mediocre business and an incredible business. Since my readers are mostly women, I will refer to the spouse as a husband, not a wife.
   It has been said by many wise women (Connie Kittson, for example) that your husband is your first sale in your direct sales business. You want to show him the potential provided by your company and how you intend to achieve your business goals. Husbands want to know the numbers of your business, they are usually very concerned about the cost aspect of your business, so lay it out in clear terms. Some larger companies may even provide a facts and figures sheet specifically made with husbands in mind. Recruit your husband. Show him the same DVDs and compensation information as you would a potential team member. Understand that most husbands are only skeptical because they want to protect you and your money, so try not to get frustrated when they don't understand.
   If all else fails, prove it to them! Show your skeptics the real money and potential that can be found in a direct sales business. Sometimes it takes your success to shine a more positive light on this sometimes misunderstood business. This goes not only for husbands, but also for the other skeptics that you love.
   Don't give up on your business just because someone else had a bad experience or seriously misunderstands it. After you convince them of the validity and potential of your business, you can learn how to get your family involved in your direct sales business, which is a topic coming soon to a blog near you!! :)

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