Monday, August 15, 2011

Home Sweet Home!

Hello all!
I write you from my home in Atlanta Georgia! Praise the Lord that I get to spend some quality time with my family before returning to Germany. The trip took us about 3 days to get here and was quite a harowing experience with a toddler! I found that the carseat was a great thing to bring because my little man felt safe and comfortable in his own carseat. Also, we ended up doing much of the air travel in a fully loaded cargo plane...needless to say, it was uncomfortable.

Wow, I have really missed the states though...the people, the food, the shopping. Whoa! It's been intense in the best of ways. Business wise, I'm still maintaining hostess coaching from overseas. I've been doing so through the avenues of facebook and email, and it's been going great. Don't you just love modern technology?! Also, I had planned to do a home party here in Georgia so that parts of my trip are tax detuctible! Yay for tax deductions! The key is to keep track of everything which is a lot harder than it sounds. I'll be mailing stuff back to myself!

So overall this trip has been fantastic! Loving seeing all the baby stuff at Buy Buy Baby and Old Navy! More to come soon...

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