Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The List

Hello again! I want to know: did you find that new starter kit smell? Well, if you have then you know it's time to get to work and hit the ground running. Where do you start? Your list. THE List. You know the one. Sit down and list all of the people you know. And I really mean ALL the people you know. This is what's known as your warm list. People you already know, even if they're just an acquaintance right now. Building your list is directly aligned with success in this business because you have to be able to keep moving. You will use your new momentum to call/contact all of the people on this list to introduce them (or reintroduce them) to you business. The List is golden. The List is money.

When I set out to make one of these lists I first create a template. When I say "I" create a template, I really mean my husband creates one for me in Excel that I can print out. (If you must know, I truly hate using Excel.) My spreadsheet includes a column for the lead's name, phone number, email, and a little section where I can make notes. I fill in all the information that I have, even if it's just a first name and where I met her. I make it a point to fill in what I can and find out the rest (Facebook is helpful here). I print out blank copies of the template and write all of this in by hand, but you can keep it in your computer if it better suits you. As I build a relationship with that prospect I add in notes like: has a consultant, loves the product, hostess and the date of the show, potential team member, and so on. This helps me keep track of who I may have already contacted. I keep the list forever because it is SO important and you never know who you might need to contact later.

The List is actually the first thing you want to do in your business, so if you're trying to get out of a rut, give your list a makeover. Once you feel like you can't think of anyone else to put on your list sit and think for another hour. Even if they don't live on the same continent as you anymore, write down their name and info. Don't leave a single name behind...because you have to contact them all!! Don't be afraid! Use that new momentum to drive you through the scary parts! Remember, this business is a numbers game so it's essential to talk to everyone you can. That brings us to bookings which is what I will start blogging about tomorrow, with new booking tips everyday! See you there!

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