Thursday, August 4, 2011

Traveling Thursday!

Hi again! I want to take today to talk about traveling, both as a mommy and business owner. Next week I will be taking several flights to get back to my sweet Georgia. And, I'll be doing so with my husband and two year old son. He's a busy little boy so I'm stressing out a little about ways to entertain him for possibly 12+ hours (likely to be much longer than that). I plan to take some surprise toys and books, as well as fruit snacks and other munchies. This trip will be quite a challenge! I would love other mommy tips for traveling long distances! As for my business, I will not be taking my laptop...I know, I know, it sounds like business suicide to be detached from the outside world for a while but I've set up a plan to make it work. During the actual traveling portion of my trip (i.e. flights, driving) I'm not going to attempt to check on my business or social media (so if you don't hear from me a few days next week, you know why). I will check on these things after I'm settled in back in Georgia. I am saving all important dates into my iPhone instead of bringing my actual agenda. This way I can still be reminded of important work without the extra bulk of my agenda binder. I plan on reading some business, and mommy, related books but I have put them on my ereader, even though I'm more of a ink-and-paper kind of girl. Just trying to cut down on weight and space in my bags. I DO plan on bringing my show jewelry but packed as tightly as possible and on my carry-on. I'm bringing it for two reasons 1) I will want to wear it with my fab summer outfits and 2) I want some of my back-home family and friends to see the pieces up close. It's always important for a direct sales momma to be prepare for success...even on the go! It's crucial to plan ahead since I will be gone around 3 weeks! I don't want to miss out on opportunity simply because I was unprepared. I am so excited about my trip though, and hopefully it will all go smoothly! I would love to hear some of your favorite tips on mommy travel and business travel!

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