Sunday, August 28, 2011

Let's Dig Deeper

Hello all! So, today I wanted to highlight another blog/website that I've been a follower of for a few years now. It's a site that's really geared towards direct sales women and achieving your dreams. If you've been in direct sales for a while you may have heard of this woman's incredible journey. Her name is Allison LaMarr and she is a direct sales superstar, to say the least. Her website is chock full of resources and even a community of direct sales people (mostly women I think). Her blog is on her website (which I will post below) and it's called Digging Deeper. I'm telling you that it's very inspirational and sometimes pulls you out of your comfort zone for your own success. This week's Digging Deeper article was especially meaningful to me since I'm planing to have my own New Year on September 1st to "wage war on mediocrity" in my own life. Her article this week focuses on your character vs your performance and I really encourage all my direct sales readers to check this out. It's all about embracing character development and growth to make some serious changes in your life. I'm hoping to do just that in the month of September. In fact, I've started calling it War Month, a term that I coined from Allison's War Week. Who's ready to run this with me? I'm ready for excellence!

Allison LaMarr's incredible website:

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