Thursday, August 25, 2011

Packing Mommy

So, today starts the overwhelming process of packing to go back to Germany. I have accumulated quite a stash while I've been here! Clothes, books, magazines, candles...I've been a little wild! Organizing all of these goodies will prove to be very difficult! Since we will be flying commercial this time, packing for my little man will be much easier. As always, I'll over pack on diapers and probably underpack on toys. We found some adorable kid's headphones at Best Buy while we were here that fit a child's head and has low volume. So here's hoping that he will sit and watch a movie with his headphones on. I'll be reporting back to tell you how the headphones worked...or didn't work. Today will also be full of last minute errands and goodbyes. At least there's a little more shopping to be done...

I also wanted to list some of the stores that made an effort to give a military discount to us while we were here:
Thanks to all of these stores that made the extra effort! We appreciate your support.

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