Friday, October 14, 2011

Be Prepared

     Today's blog will be pretty short because it's been a busy busy week! Lets just talk about being prepared. When you're on the go, or even on vacation, you should always be prepared for business. Always, always have business cards handy and I suggest keeping a few catalogs in your car, gym bag, diaper bag, etc, so that you can be prepared when you meet someone interested in your product or business. I know several businesswomen who keep a "business bag" in their car. In it they have: catalogs, business cards, order forms, opportunity brochures, and samples (if it's something that wont melt or freeze), and sale flyers. I suggest having a business bag in your car that's handy in case you encounter a great business opportunity. A bag enables you to take it out of your car easily to update it or show it off, like at your child's ball game. Another idea is to purchase a magnetic business card holder that sticks on your car, so people can take business cards in the parking lot. This works better if you already have you business information on your car.
    Just remember to think ahead and be prepared, because the first time you are without your business information will be when an incredible oppotunity pops up! So, follow the Boy Scouts and Be Prepared! :)

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