Monday, October 17, 2011

Carve Out Some Power

     Happy Monday everyone! Let's talk about the idea of a power hours for your business. A power hour is time that you spend only working on your business, with no distractions. This time can be very valuable especially if you have other commitments, like another job or a family. A power hour allows you to devote a specific and strategic amount of time to focus on you business. During this time you could do booking calls (highly recommended), administrative work, team member calls/training, hostess coaching, invitations, and some organization. If you have kids, get a sitter or schedule your Power Hour for a time when your spouse can be with the kids. You want to have little to no distractions during this time so that you can work smarter, not harder.
    It's important to actually schedule your Power Hour. It's easy to let other things overcome your best intentions to do booking calls, but if it's actually in your schedule, you're far more likely to sit down and do it. Schedule your Power Hours according to the pace and activity of your business. What I mean by that is don't schedule just one hour if you have 5 shows the next week. Schedule according to your business situation. If your running a hobby business, you may only need one hour a week. If it's your main source of income, you may need 2 to 3 hours per day.
   Use your Power Hours wisely. Do your most important tasks first, and organizing your office is probably not the most important task! I like to do thinks in order of hardest to easiest. For example, booking calls I do first because I find them (still) difficult, next would be hostess coaching, then team member calls, and so on. By doing my tasks in that order, I get things that I don't like over with first and move on instead of dwelling on it the whole time. Most people, even after years of experience, don't like to do booking calls, but the cold hard truth is that they're absolutely necessary. So get them over with first! Don't let it weigh you down! Just do it!!
   So, what time will your power hours be? That's up to you, but carving out that essential business time outside of your actual parties, can be that critical inch between an incredible and mediocre business.

**Don't forget to set aside time to carve your pumpkins too! ;) **

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