Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Greatness of the Goody Bag Part 1

     Bookings are our business, everyone knows that, but what do you do to make your booking worth the effort? You coach your hostess (right?) and you prepare your show (right?) but sometimes the turn out is not what you expect. Show attendance is essential if you're going to make your show worth your time. I wanted to give you a quick tip about increasing attendance. This is an idea you should do in addition to coaching your hostess well. May I suggest goody bags?!
     Goody bags for your guests are a great way to increase party attendance, but it has to be done strategically. As we discussed before, in a previous post, sometimes people have a personal wall up that prevents them from giving in to curiosity and going to the party. The strategic use of a goody bag can peak their curiosity even more and show that you are a real person, and not a robot.
    First you want to decide what goes into your goody bags. They need to be fairly uniform so that it's easier for you and no one gets jealous. Find some cute cello bags and put in your business card, cheap samples (if your product/company has them), and candy. If you can, I would suggest getting adhesive magnetic card backings to turn your business cards into magnets, I will post a website below to order these magnet strips from.
   The candy is the key part to the success of the guest goody bag. You want to get a guest list from your hostess that includes phone numbers if possible. You will call each guest about 3 days before your show to introduce yourself and to ask them if they prefer chocolate candy or hard candy for their goody bag. Make a note of who you call and what candy they want so you can put their name on their custom goody bag.
   Ok, now go plan out your goody bags and get them together! Come back here tomorrow to see the script for the phone calls and how you can turn your goody bags into MORE bookings!!

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