Monday, October 3, 2011

Plant Seeds for Team Members

      In the month of September I grew my team by 4 times! I am thrilled to have so many great, new team members. But how did I do it? Was it special team building appointments? Nope. It was at all of my shows, and, of course, I'm going to tell you how I did it!
     Team building is my favorite part of my business because I love my business and I love to share it with others. With that said, it can be the most difficult part of the direct sales business. I know that the industry average says that there is one new team member at every show. So how do you find out which one, or ones, is your new team member? Plant your seeds of interest! At the beginning of my show, after the icebreaker,  I give a brief story about the reasons why I started my business, and the success I've seen so far. For those looking for something like this, my "why" story might plant a seed of interest into their mind. Later in my presentation, I quickly mention the hostess perks versus what my perks are as a representative, which is another seed I plant throughout my show. At the end, after I have "stacked" my hostess, I open things up for questions and each question gets a ticket for my giveaway prize.  Guests will ask questions to get tickets but pretty soon the questions lead to more interest, and more questions. I always take notice of those who have the most interest in this business, and who has the most questions. That's your lead!
     From there, you can discuss more about the business opportunity as you meet with each person individually. So, be sure to plant little seeds throughout your presentation so those who might have interest can grow into a team member!

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