Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Some of my Favs!

    Hi readers! I've been getting some requests for some of my favorite books and resources for your direct sales business (and more), so I wanted to list them for you!

Books for Business:
Build it Big and More Build it Big by the Direct Selling Women's Alliance ( These are the most comprehensive books for women in direct sales. They feature interviews and tips from women who have made it to the top of their company. If you don't have these yet, you're missing out.
Presentations for Profits by Christie Northrup- This is a fantastic book that really focuses on the show, or party, environment. It gives tips on how to handle "sticky situations" and great ideas for theme shows.
Be a Party Plan Superstar:Build a $100,000-a-year Direct Selling Business from Home by Mary Christensen- This is a great book to give to new team members or a friend that's just getting started in direct sales. It covers the basics in an in-depth way and sets out to answer some common direct selling questions.

The above three books are my favorites that are specific to the direct sellers industry. I also enjoy leadership books from John C. Maxwell and the book Never Give Up by Joyce Meyer.

     I am also a member of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance which provides connections, tips, telecasts and more.  I like to go to their site to start getting ideas and learn more about other successful direct sellers. Another site I like, and I've mentioned her site before, would be Allison LaMarr's website, This is a good one that provides tips and deep thoughts for a direct seller. She also has several different products and cd sets that she sells that are wonderful.

  These are just a few of my favorite books and sites. I will give you some more on Friday, including my favorite Fiction books...just for fun!

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