Thursday, October 13, 2011

Take the course...

       I have heard Kristin Rogers, a very successful direct sales business owner, say that a direct sales business is the best self-improvement course you get paid to take. Wise words from a wise woman. So, how are you doing in your self-improvement course? Are you taking advantage of all of the growth opportunities available to you? Part of being your own boss means taking responsibility for your own performance. The good new is that you determine the extent and timing of your personal growth. No one is pushing you to go to a self-help conference or read certain books. Your growth and improvement are entirely up to you.
       The bad news is that it may require you to look into places that you've long since hidden. You may have to recognize some of your faults and shortcomings, so that you can improve them. It's the no pain, no gain concept. You might have to suck it up and do things you don't feel like doing. You might not like booking calls, but if you don't do them your business will go nowhere. You will have to learn valuable lessons in self-discipline. Do it anyway! Read the books, listen to the Cd's (even if it's kind of embarrassing; trust me, you get used to it), go to the seminars and conferences. Learn something everyday! It sounds cliche but so many times people aren't really listening to the cliches.
        Wake up and realize that the best of the best are learning something new everyday. The people you want to be like are reading self-improvement books, listening to cd's, and attending seminars. They are constantly striving for their best selves. So why aren't you doing it? Isn't it worth investing time and money in yourself? I know it is.

**In the next couple of days I will be sharing some of my favorite books, cd's, and role models in the self-improvement industry!**

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