Thursday, October 27, 2011

Black Friday Ideas Part 1

    Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year and a potentially powerful day for your business. So where do you start? How do you take advantage of this retail wonder? I have a few ideas here, but most of all I want all my readers to share their own ideas so that we can all learn new ones. There are so many ways to take advantage of this shopping holiday.
    One of the most popular ideas that I have heard is to have a special holiday open house that's actually on Black Friday. People open their house all day to accommodate the crazy shopping schedule. Customers and friends can stop by at their convenience and shop with your small business. Again, you want to create comfort, as well as, offering your guests gift options that they can't get anywhere else. For more information about holding holiday open houses, check out my blog post for Monday, October 24.
    Another idea requires some bravery; the moving trunk show. Yes, it's literally a trunk show where your set up a display in the back of your car and travel to some busy parking lots on Black Friday to have sort of a booth. I have personally never done this but I've heard some very interesting stories from people who have. Many pre-wrap a lot of the most popular products or gift ideas and have them ready as people visit their "booth".  I assume that they give out business cards, catalogs, and maybe even goody bags (you know how I like those). There could be a problem, however, with the location's security if they don't want you in their parking lot. Some would say 'It's better to ask for forgiveness than permission'. ;)
     You can also create a Cyber Monday sale on your personal website. This seems to be really successful for most businesswomen. The idea here is to create a sale and start letting your customers know about your Cyber Monday deals at least two weeks in advance. Don't drive them crazy with emails though. You want them to be effective, not annoying. I would suggest calling your customers at them end of the day so that you can put a personal touch on your Cyber Monday deals.
      I've said it before and, believe me, I will say it again: It is absolutely essential to provide your customer with that personal touch that their department store or mall can't give them. Gift ideas, free gift wrapping, home delivery, and handwritten thank you notes are just some of the ways to set yourself apart from the bigger companies. Show your customers that you really care about making their holiday season more stress-free and fun, and they will show you a great season!

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