Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Do Some Good

    As small business owners, we have the opportunity to use our business to do good for other people in need. I really encourage you to do this because it gives out good "vibes" and you can feel good about where your business is going. You can also meet some incredible people, and possibly change someone's life.
   There are a few different ways to use your business to contribute to charity, and they can all benefit you in so many ways. One way is to fund raise using your business as a vehicle. You can do this on your own or approach a group about starting a fundraiser with you. I am having a super sale on Friday where I am donate 10% of the sales from this event to one of my favorite charities. I'm using the sale and a free gift as an incentive to order on that day. You can do something like this any time of year, and even if you donate all of your profit you can still get your company's recognition sales and write it off on taxes!
   You could also set up a booth at a charity event, like a walk or festival, and again donate your sales, and maybe sales from future bookings, to the cause or charity.
   Don't be afraid to do a charity event on your own! These are incredible opportunities for your business and your community. Talk to your upline about fundraising events they've had experience with.

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