Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go Team!

     It's a cold, rainy Wednesday here in Germany. This kind of weather makes me just want to read a book all day...but life goes on.
   Today I want to talk a little about your team. One of the greatest parts, I think, of the direct sales business is that you are in business for yourself but not by yourself, meaning that you're not alone in your business adventure. Being part of a direct sales business means that you are part of a team or unit that are all working toward their personal goals. So, how active are you with the rest of your unit or team? Do you go to meetings (if you can)? Do you encourage others to reach their goals?
   Being active in your team or unit can bring you motivation and inspiration to meet your own goals. Even if you cannot physically attend meetings it's important to check in with people and be a part of the team. For example, I live in Germany and the rest of the Unit I am in is located in Georgia. I cannot go to meetings but I check in with my Unit Manager and the Unit website/forum. You can be part of a team even from another continent!
   As you build your own personal team, I want to encourage you to really take the "team" idea to heart. Create a name for your team that will follow as you promote yourself higher and higher. Team names help create esprit de corp amongst your team members and they are more likely to stay loyal to you when they're on a real team. Also, if your company has conventions or seminars, your team name will attract attention and earn a fun reputation.
   Don't leave your team members in the dark. Remember, when your team members do well in their business, your business will soar. Help them as much as you can so that your team is truly strong! I want my team members to feel like I am their biggest cheerleader.  Keep track of what's going on in their lives so you can help them mold their business into their lives. If you are like me where you can't attend your Unit meetings, consider holding little get- togethers where your are to help your team members stay on track and in the loop. But, mainly, remember that the word "team" is part of 'team members' for a reason; you are all running this race together!

PS The picture above is from my favorite football team! Go Jackets! ;)

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