Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Booking Boards

   Hello loyal Readers! After a 2 day internet outage, I am back in business! I am so excited about several of my new team members starting their businesses this month! I can't wait to see how far they fly!
  I wanted to write a little bit about time management and your bookings. How do you keep control of your schedule and your bookings? I use a Booking Board at my shows to make sure that my bookings fall perfectly into my schedule. It's not really a board but it's printed on card stock instead of plain computer paper. I create a new one for each show that has my upcoming show times and a line where a guest can write their name in. Sometimes I dress it up by adding stickers or clip art, but the key is to have plenty of show time available. After I "stack the hostess" at my show, I pass the booking board around and guests can put their name in a slot if they already know they're interested in being a hostess. Most of the time, people wait to talk to you before they actually write their name in, so don't be surprised if it comes back empty the first time. They'll put their names down during the one-on-one consultation. I also write down the hostess name somewhere on the booking board so I can track how many bookings I got from their party. Even when the show is over and the bookings are in my system, I file the booking board away so that I can keep track of my own numbers and also check back if my system ever gets confusing.
   There are many different ways to do a booking board. I have seen people do real neon poster boards that people put their name on, I've also seen people pass around their personal agendas. It's completely up to you; after all, it is your business! I do suggest some kind of booking board for your shows because it's less intimidating and it helps you keep control of your own schedule. Right now, my schedule is pretty busy, so I only put down slots that I know I will be available. If you're super flexible in your schedule, you may want to put down slots or times that you know other people are available. Take a look at the numbers from your past shows, which times/days seem to do the best? Take that into consideration when you're making your booking board.

If you would like to see my booking board, leave me a comment with your email and I will email it to you without my company name on it! If you have a booking board idea, please share it! I'm always looking for new ideas to increase bookings!

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Hi Heidi! I'd love to see your booking board! Thanks for sharing! andrea.zimlicki@gmail.com