Thursday, October 6, 2011

Greatness of the Goody Bag Part 2

     Welcome back to goody bag greatness! Now I want to share with you some ideas on what to do with your goody bags once you've made them, and gotten your guest list from your hostess. It's important to get the guest phone numbers if you can so that you can call each one. When people hear a real, genuine person on the phone they're much more likely to attend your show. Here's your script:
   " Hi is this Lisa? Hi Lisa this is Heidi with XYZ, I'll be the representative at Carla's show on Sunday! I just wanted to give you a quick call because I'm customizing the guest goody bags and I wanted to know if you prefer chocolate or hard candy in your bag?"
     If you have a company where you might have samples in the goody bags, ask them a question that has to do with the samples. For example, if you sell candles/scents ask what type of scent they prefer to try, if you sell skin care ask them about their skin type, and so on. This might give you a second to talk to her, but remember her time is valuable so don't keep her too long. If she says that she can't make it, turn that into an opportunity to discuss the hostess program with her so she can book a show or place an order to help her friend out.
     Make the goody bags super cute, but try not to spend too much on them. Put the guest's names on the bag so that they know that your really created a bag just for them. I love this method because it can create opportunities to make real connections with people. They are more likely to trust you if they see you make an extra effort for them.

Remember to always treat your guests/hostesses/customers/friends like QUEENS...because we all are, and you never know the burden someone carries.

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