Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Booths 101

        I am SO excited! I am running an event on Black Friday that's just for shopping! Home based/direct sales businesses get to set up their own booth and people from all over come to do their holiday shopping with real businesses. So, while I am planning this fantastic event, I wanted to take a moment to talk about fairs and festivals. If you've never participated in one of these events you are missing out on some great networking opportunities. Setting up a booth at a fair or a festival can open new doors for your business, and it can be fun!
   When you set up your booth or table, you want to make your product display sensational. The idea is to really attract people and to stand out among the crowd. Make sure that your company name can be easily seen and that everything on your table is properly labeled. I recommend that you dress in a business casual sort of way because it makes you both professional and approachable. Some companies actually have specific guidelines as to how to dress for a fair. Remember, no matter what, that your booth and personal image will be a direct reflection of the company you represent.
      To bring in leads from your booth, you will want to have a drawing. You can give away products, gift cards, and even gift cards to places like Starbucks (unless of course you sell coffee). You want to have a poster that shows what's being given away. Have hundreds of drawing entry slips and dozens of cheap pens on hand for people to fill out, and also a cute box for the drawing slips. The drawing slips should get the following information:
-Do they have a consultant/representative that they currently buy from?
-Are you interested in earning money, earning free products,or just having a girls night?
-Get their name, email, phone number, and zip code ( I dask for the zip code because it's quicker for them, to write than the whole address  but it still lets you know where about they live, in case they live out of town.)

These slips are your new leads! You can use a similar method as the working women week method to track and call your new leads. Don't forget as you make great connections, to make little notes about who you talked to and who had a lot of interest in your product or company.

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