Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do you Fake It??

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'Fake it 'till you make it'? If you've been in the business world more than 30 seconds you probably have, but how often do you really fake it? (OK it's not that kind of blog, get your head out of the gutter!!)

It's super important in this industry to find and follow a mentor, or roll model. They have to be someone who has really been where you've been and succeed despite some setbacks. The don't necessarily have to be associated with your specific company, but that might help. So once you've found a roll model for your business, that's when you start the "faking it". You want to model your business practices after their business practices and act as if you've already made it to the top. When you act like you've been at the top, you will know how to act when you get there. You will also attract the kind of success that you want by acting like the successful person you want to be.

When you make your booking calls, are you confident and professional, as if you're the top in your business? Are you doing your shows/parties in a professional, but fun way, as if you don't even need the sales? Act like you're already driving that dream car! Act like you're going on that trip to Hawaii! And, while you're doing all this incredible acting, work toward that dream with the vigor of the desparate. Be the duck on the water; calm on top of the water, fast feet under the water. By doing this you will attract people to you and not scare them off. Focus on the fun, not the dollar signs...because people can see dollar signs in your eyes. So act like you don't need the dollar signs and they will come to you anyway!

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Nicole said...

would you consider doing a "fake" party, video taping it and posting it on your blog? I'd like to SEE your presentation