Thursday, September 29, 2011

Don't be a lion...

           In the animal kingdom, most animals can sense a predator. They can feel the fear and the change in the environment when a predator is near. Have you ever felt like the prey? Maybe you were on a car lot just browsing, or maybe you were in a department store near the perfumes, but I'm sure you've had that feeling before. Sometimes people associate that feeling with the direct sales industry and that can be a problem for you especially if you're new. There are businesswomen out there that are so pushy and aggressive that they are true predators, and they give the rest of the industry, or company, a bad rep. You have probably encountered those people, and lets face it, it can be scary. You will even notice that your new prospects may be hesitant to be in contact with you because they have once been the prey. So, what do you do when you find yourself in front of a person who had once been the prey?
         For starters, don't be a predator, and don't be defensive. I know what it's like when you encounter someone who thinks your whole business is a scam. It's a horrible feeling. I know that you want to be defensive, after all this is your business and your dreams. This is where you really have to control your emotions, and it's going to be tough. Try your very best not to get defensive, angry, or hostile (and if you know me, you know that controlling my anger is very difficult). If their really stirred up about it then you have to accept that you probably wont change their mind. Here's something I would suggest to say:
  "I'm sorry that you, or someone you care about, has had such a bad experience with the direct sales industry, but this business supports my family and my dreams, so I would appreciate some discretion." 
        Obviously you need to tweek that to your own personality and circumstances. When you get defensive, they will become even more offensive and nothing will get done. Don't let them steal your good attitude about your business! This industry really works and there are thousands upon thousands of people that can prove it. If your like me, these comments will irritate for days but keep going. Prove them wrong yourself. Remember, that they were once someone's prey; they might have lost time, money, or more in the wrong business. Don't let them steal your thunder! You really can have it all, and I feel sorry for those that sabotage their own chances.

Hows business going in September for everyone? What kinds of content would you like to see in October?

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