Saturday, September 10, 2011

Out with old habits...

I am so so excited about a new 9 week program with Allison LaMarr and it's free! It's all about creating your best self and getting rid of some bad habits. She will be guiding us through the process of adding 3 good habits and removing 3 bad habits from your life. The reason I'm so excited is because I am desperate to become a morning person. My husband is a early morning guy and I know the benefits of getting up to get things done, especially a workout. I was a morning person most of my life until college, then baby, and now all I want to do sleep in. So this is definitely one of the habits I want to change in the Best Self program. I'm also going to be focusing on my eating habits, so it will be a very challenging 9 weeks. I'm hoping some of you would like to do it with me so we can update and discuss it here! It starts on Monday, September 19th and I am super excited to become a healthy, morning person. I will post a link to the Allison LaMarr website below, all the info you need is on her home page, but look around because the communittee is amazing too. If you decide to join up with me, let me know by posting below! Looking forward to some changes!

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