Monday, September 12, 2011

Layering your prospects...

Today, I wanted to write a little about layering your prospects. What does that mean, layering your prospects? It basically means to take it a little slow with new prospects and customers. When you meet someone new that you want to do business with you don't want to throw all you have at them. It's easy to get really excited about your business products and opportunities and to want to show your new friend everything! I want to encourage you to layer your people so that they're not overwhelmed or feel that you're being pushy. One way to do this is to make a chart where you can fill in the name of the person and mark off when you've introduced them to different aspects of your business. For an example, one column could be for the first introduction to the product, another for another aspect of the product, a column for hostessing, and one for the business opportunity. After a show/party list all of the people that attended the show and mark the date that they were introduced to your product. As you have other appointments or shows with each person mark it off in that category. This helps you keep track of your customers and their experience with your company! I like to print up several blank charts and keep them in a binder, but you could do this on your computer if you like. A layering chart can also include the dates of your customer interactions so you know when to contact them again.

People can be overwhelmed easily by a direct sales business, which could come off as a little bit pushy. It's important that with most people, you let them fall in love with the product before you introduce them to the opportunity. Some people like to cut to the chase and hear it all, but that is pretty rare, and you'll know it when you have one of those customers. Layering your people can also increase your customer loyalty if you do it right, and your team members will stay longer if they really love the product!

How is your 30 in 30 going? How are you doing on bookings so far?

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tiasmomma said...

You are really on it, girl! I'm working on a push to finish the quarter out this week... a stretch but it is coming together. Got a new lead today from a basket I donated to a fundraising event! :)

How's your 30 in 30 going?