Monday, September 26, 2011

Do it anyway!

     Do you have a goal poster, or a dream board? All of the successful people in the direct sales industry, and business in general, agree that to make your dreams come true you first have to visualize them. I'm embarrassed to say that I don't have one...yet. I know how important it is to really see your dreams and how it can really clarify your focus to see it on paper. So I want to encourage everyone to put their dreams down on paper. Why wait until it's too late? Find some quiet time to sit down and really think about what you want out of your business and out of life. Set a date with yourself if you have to because it's that important to clarify your focus. Once you're able to truly visualize your dreams and goals, you will be able to have that laser focus you need to push through some of the tougher parts of life. Because that's all that separates us from the ones who are already living the dream, it's the laser focus that they have to overcome their obstacles. That's the only difference. When it gets tough or uncomfortable for them they look to their dreams and ultimate goals, and they do it anyway. Look up that song by Marina McBride called "Do It Anyway" and really listen to the lyrics. So make that cheesy goal poster, clarify your dreams, and then shout them from the rooftops! Because how will anyone else know that you made it if they didn't even know your goal?

Give me an update on your 30 in 30 challenge! I'm almost done with just 5 people left to see!! How is your business going in September? Stay tuned for some exciting giveaways in the next few days!!

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