Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's September! Well, it's day 2 of September and this is my War Month. I plan on striving for excellence this month in my business, health, personal, and family life. How's it going so far, you may ask? Great except for the fact that I'm still jet lagged, meaning that I wake up at 1100 each day! This is not a good start but I will continue to work on it. In my business, I had a phenomenal show last night that really got my month off to a great start! I played a new ice breakers game with the guests that was really hysterical and, I think, it made them more comfortable with me. As far as my health goes, I have signed up for my Body Pump class and I'm ready a book on mommy fitness. It's called Hot (Sweaty) Mamas and it's really good. It explains a lot of the missing components of getting in shape while being a mommy (like the logistics and what to do with the kids). So I'm loving this book! Another book I'm reading, actually rereading, is the Build it Big series. If you haven't read these books you are not serious about your business! They are incredible.

I'm definitely a book worm so reading is a big part of my renewal process. Next week I intend on getting my act together so I can get up early, exercise, and get some work done. I also have a huge goal next week of getting 5 new bookings on my calendar! So, I'll be tracking my numbers right along with you. What are your goals for the month of September??

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