Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Listen to the "Failures"!

           Sometimes, in the direct sales business, you will notice that some of the most successful people begin to sound like broken records: book, sell, book, recruit, etc. Let me tell you, they don't sound like that for their own good! When you're listening to the tips and ideas from someone that you admire, you might take notes, maybe even record their speech, but what do you do with all of that information when you get home? That's where things really count! You can spend all of the money in the world on cd's, coaching sessions, seminars, and conferences, but if you get home and just sit on it, it all is worthless. The message that I'm trying to send here is that these people that you admire have been where you are right now. So if they tell you to network, you'd better network! If they tell you that it's a numbers game and that everyone will have cancellations, you should believe them and keep going! The tips and ideas from the successful people in your field should be treated as direct orders (that's for all you military wives!) because they have failed more than anyone, and they know the road to success. All of this might sound cheesy or even a little bossy, but I just want to encourage you to get your money's worth from the training and inspirational purchases you make! You should copy your role models. I don't mean be a clone, I just mean copy their business plan because it works!
     And you should have a business role model! I have a few different ones and I really listen to what they say, because I want the success that they have.

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