Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Working Women Week part 2

    I wanted to follow up yesterday's post with some ideas on what to do with your new leads! I'm going to tell you exactly what I did because it worked. First you will need a small spiral notebook and some tape. You want to go through the drawing slips and determine if anyone already has a representative from your company (remember to put that question on the drawing form). Those people with a rep can be separated. You won't be contacting them, because how would you feel if someone did that to you? So, I didn't throw them out, I just filed them away somewhere and kept them for a while, just in case one of them contacted me. Take the remainder of the slips and tape them two to a page in your notebook. By putting them in a notebook it allows you to both keep track of them, and write notes around the slip. I always tried to separate them by their location, which is something I did right when I got back into the car after getting the slips. I put them in baggies labeled with the location so I know who came from where. I would also organize the slips in the binder by location so you know how many winners you want from each place. Next it's time to call them! For that you need a script:
"Hi! Is this Lindsey? Great! I'm Heidi Duncan with XYZ and I just wanted to give you a quick call to let you know that you're one of our winners in the Working Women Week drawing!" Let them respond...

"Great! I bet you're wondering what you won right?" YES!

"Yay! You won a free (facial, private jewelry showing, spa candle session, whatever is your fabulous appointment type, fill it in here) with me and a $25 gift card!" Yay!

"Ok so what would be the best time to get your prize? I still have next Thursday open, would that work for you?"

"So, Lindsey I would love for you to be able to share your experience with some friends, and when you do, it extends the amount on your gift card! Doesn't that sound great?! Do you think you can bring some friends with you on Thursday?"

Then go ahead a close the date and time. I always allowed them to either come to my house or I would come to them, which ever one they preferred. Also, I would get their address over the phone and send them a thank you note that day for booking with me. People are much less likely to cancel on you with a handwritten note in their hand! You can determine the prize and you want to call the people who seem the most interested first, the ones who indicated that they would love a party and so on. Not everyone can win because they will tell their friends and they won't know what to think about you calling everyone. So, just pick a few interested names from each place. When you're making your calls, mark down the date and time that you call them and the result of each call, include the booking date next to their slip in the notebook. By being diligent about the details, you can see how your numbers are looking and which places are more successful than others.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the Working Women Week baskets. It's a lot to write down, so I may have missed something. How's your 30 in 30 going? I've seen 10 people so far! :)

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