Friday, September 23, 2011

Getting your family on board...

     One of the biggest challenges that I have seen in this industry is the conflict with skeptical family members. Maybe it's your husband, or maybe it's your parents, but if someone important in you life is not on board with your direct sales business, it could become an uphill battle. I have heard many stories about husbands who just plain won't allow their wife to have a business. Many times the wife feels that dream within her heart but her husband keeps putting it down. People are not trying to be mean or cruel towards your dream, they simply don't understand the possibilities that can be achieved with a direct sales business. For an outsider, it can be hard to understand the potential and the security that can be provided with a business like this. Maybe you were a skeptic at one point in time, and now you're loving your party plan lifestyle. To most people, the direct selling industry can be a scary place. People assume that one bad experience covers all of the companies. It's your job to explain to your family the potential earnings from your business.
     A skeptic wants to see facts and proof to change their mind. You want to sit down with your family with actual facts in hand to show them how the business works. Get literature from your company about building a business and show your skeptic what is possible. Try not to be defensive. Come at this from a standpoint of information not force to change their mind. It's possible that a simple talk won't be enough for them, in which case I recommend bringing in someone who has already gotten to where you want to go. Talk to your recruiter or manager about how they handle the situation. And, most of all, show your family the fruits of your labor when you have a great show, or day, share it with them. Let your family take part in your successes and soon they will be cheering you on. Check out some more tips on family in the Build it Big series of books!

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