Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Some thoughts on consistency...

     Consistency: everyone knows that consistency is key when building any kind of business, but I want to talk about consistency with your team. Once you have been "walking the talk" for a while, and you start to build your team, you're going to want to start training them yourself. Talk to your upline for tips on how they train their new team member, but you also want to pave your own way. Be consistent from person to person as to how much time you spend on them. Offer the same amount to everyone and you will soon see who is serious about their business. These are the people you want to spend the most quality time in training. Be consistent in training those who want to be trained. Don't skip or skim over the information with your team member, let the know everything and be honest with them.
    Another area of your business you want to be consistent is with your schedule. For example, I do my shows at 7:00pm on weeknights because people have eaten dinner and most spouses are home from work. I am very consistent with this time because I know that it works. You need to be the same with your schedule. Take notice in what shows went great and which ones weren't your best, could it be the time or date that made that difference? I also am pretty consistent about scheduling things around or near paydays. Paydays usually mean a better night for everyone. So take notice of your schedule and try to be consistent with it so your family knows when you are working.

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