Saturday, September 24, 2011

Master your close

      Earlier in my blog, I wrote about mastering the basics of your business. We talked about memorizing your show from start to finish, and to really understand the processes of your business. Now, I want to write a little bit about how important your show close is. Never underestimate the power of a great close, it has the ability to transform a show from mediocre to outstanding. And, with your business, you always want to be outstanding. You always want to set yourself apart from others as a professional and expert in your business.
     Make sure your close includes the mention of your second appointment (if you are a 2 appointment business), and the impending one-on-one consultation that's about to take place (don't use the word 'impending' in your presentation though; it sounds scary). Explain that you would love to get their opinion of your products and presentation, so you will be meeting with them one at a time. If your company is offering specials, or sales, I would mention them again during the close portion of your presentation. The close is also a good time to tell them that they can get some of their most desired items for free, or discounted, by being a hostess. Make sure you are gracious to your hostess and her guests during the close, and thank them for giving you their time. You want to end by leading them to eat the refreshments and them taking the first guest aside for their individual close. I usually say something like this:
     "Lisa has put out some wonderful refreshments for us tonight so grab something to eat and I'll start meeting with you individually. Does anyone have to leave soon?"
By adding the question on the end, I can determine who to meet with first and get the chain going.
          So, write down and practice your show close. It can be a tricky area if you're new to business so get some opinions on your specific close. Memorize your close! It's essential for any serious businesswoman!

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