Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thousand Dollar Days!

          Ok, so I'm loving this idea of having a one thousand dollar day! If your sales are slowing, or your trying to meet a goal deadline, this idea could be a lifesaver! Choose a specific and well planned day to be your Thousand Dollar Day, it should be a day that will help you reach your goal. Then create a fabulous email that you will send to all of your customers and contacts in your database and email list. In the email, you want to explain your goal and contest to have a $1000 Day and that you need their help. You might want to give a discount, or a gift with purchase, to anyone who orders on your $1000 Day. You can also offer to have a drawing for a customer to get their entire order free, only available to those who order on that day. Let them know that for every $100 they spend (or another amount; you make the rules) they get an additional name in that drawing.
      Basically, you want to make sure that there's something in it for them, a good incentive for them to buy products on that particular day. Send out your email around 6:00am so that people can get the email as they're waking up on that day. Post your offer and your goal on Facebook to let your customers know you're serious about this $1000 Day. Later that evening, you may want to call some of your loyal customers to remind them of the incentive and take their order. Keep working until you reach that $1000! I obviously can't guarantee that you will reach $1000, maybe you'll do more, but working toward that specific goal can boost your confidence and get the orders rolling in. It could also be the extra push you need to finish up a sales goal and earn a prize. You won't know until you try!

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Heather Wright said...


This is a wonderful idea that has proven itself successful to many with home based businesses. In the past, while I was in sales, I held this day one or two days each year and it worked wonderfully!! Many customers are eager to help and ALL customers love discounts, drawings, and special gifts!! Just be sure to pick and choose which promotions you are presenting each year so the customer expects them and they don't become overwhelming. Another promotion you might like, just because I know you are quite the sports enthusiast, a Superbowl pool. Now I know the season has just started but it's something to put into the works to have your customers connecting their love of football and the love of your products!! Happy selling!!