Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Halloween Business Ideas

   I wanted to share some quick ideas for increasing business on or around Halloween (my favorite holiday)! My upline sent me an email this week with a super cute trick or treating idea. Pop up some popcorn and put them in little baggies, then you attach a cute card with your information that also says, ' Thanks for "Popping" in, Here's a treat for mom...' then add some specials and incentives for them to give you a call.
   Some sales ideas could be:
$10 off your first order
$20 off if you're interested in hosting a show
Special gift for calling by November 7th

   Also, be sure to take advantage of all of the autumn and Halloween festivals going on! Churches, schools, and even parks will be having all kinds of events this time of year. Make sure that you do some research about events in your area so you can possibly set up a booth and get some fabulous new leads. Sometimes festival booths can be expensive, so find out as much information about the event as you can to make sure it's worth the investment.
  Another idea might be to set up a small display with catalogs on trick-or-treating night so that moms can take a quick glance at your business! You could even treat it as a mini-booth and do a prize drawing, gathering leads as you pass out candy. Just don't get too distracted the kiddies want their goodies! I might even put business labels on the candy to catch the eyes of hungry mommies!

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Nicole said...

I am so putting my business card in trick or treaters buckets this year!! haha