Friday, September 9, 2011

30 in 30

     Are you new in your business, or stuck in a rut? I have heard from many of you that you need that extra "push" to get your business really rolling. I want to help you....with another challenge! I think this challenge will help you reach your goal of 10 bookings in one week and bring you lots of new business! So what's the challenge? I want you to get the opinions of 30 people, in the next 30 days, about your product. This is not a new concept, and I did not come up with it myself, but it works GREAT. How much easier would it be to ask a new friend for their opinion instead of their money? You can do this on the go too! When you meet a new person, lets say in the grocery checkout line (people are always asking me about my 12 pound coupon binder; it's an awesome conversation starter and saves me tons), you meet a girl who's sharp and you want to give her your business card, so go for it!

You could use a script that sounds something like this:
" Thanks for being so helpful with me today! Listen, I just started a business with XYZ, and I have to get the opinions of some smart women, on our product (you can be more specific here; on our jewelry, candles, skin care, you get the point). Would you be willing to give me your opinion?" When they say yes, you take down their name, phone, and email, and thank them again for being so nice.

When you call your new friend you can say something like this:
"Hi is this So-and-so? Hi, So-and-so! This is Heidi with XYZ, we met at the grocery store on Tuesday, I was just calling to find out when would be good for you give me your opinion of the product (I would use another wording here, according to your product: time for your free facial, private jewelry showing, spa candle time etc)?" When your new friend has given you a time and place, you then tell them how much free stuff they can get by inviting some friends to come give their opinion too. And Voila! You have a booking from the grocery store!

Remember to get people's opinions! They want to feel important and you already know that they'll love whatever product you're selling. This is a great way to meet new clients and introduce people to a new product. If you're not new, the 30 in 30 can still work wonders for you. Focus on a new catalog or a specific product in your product line, then write down some quotes from the opinions your receive for you client newsletter! Call some people you haven't spoken with in a while and explain that you have to have these opinions. Ask them, who do you know that is sharp and would give me their opinion of these products? Give out referral gifts to clients who give you new leads. Be generous with your gifts and they'll be generous with their friends!

So, now there are 2 challenges out there for you to try. For people who complete them on time, I will find a special giveaway! BUT you have to let me know you're accepting the challenge by commenting below! Your first day of the 30 days starts with your first opinion. If you're having trouble, let me know what kind of info would help you along! I'm taking this challenge too! So, lets do it together!! :)

PS: Just think about how this could keep you going right into the holiday season! This could be your best year ever!


Nicole said...

I love this. I did this at our Grocery store in AZ with success. I need to find a local store here and try again. Thank you for the Script too! I always panic on what to say!!

Nicole said...

I love this! I did it in AZ once and I got really good feedback. I need to pick a local store and try it again. :) Thanks for the script! I always panic on what to say

tiasmomma said...

Great idea, and I am running with you!

tiasmomma said...

LEt's do this! Great idea!